Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staying for today

Benjamin is great, they just feel it would be good to observe him a little longer. He has been off oxygen since 7:30 this morning. The hope is he will not need it again. Yesterday I learned how to place the ng. Dan is going to do it today. I did a CPR refresher today, and Dan will this afternoon. We watched all the discharge videos and he had a chest x-ray. All of his tests have looked good. We just are working on the eating. I think we will be heading home tomorrow. Probably with a ng tube for awhile. They are settling up all his orders for therapy, medications, and the at home plan. Here is a picture of the little man.

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  1. Love the smile!! Glad to hear he's coming home, way to go Ben! I'm sure you'll all be doing better at home, in your own surroundings.
    We'll be praying the discharge and transition will go smoothly. Take care and hope to see you guys soon.
    Steve, Melba, Elizabeth & Kate