Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I got up to the hospital just before rounds. Dan and Ben are still sleeping. Ben is making progress. His heart and chest x-ray looked good. He just has to overcome the lung hypertension. The doctors think that today we will try to wean the c-pap. If he does well with it we will get to move up to the floor tomorrow. One step closer to home. Ben has been asking for juice. Which is a good sign. He also told me that he all done, and he wants to go home. Last night when Ally left for the night he cried. He calmed down when we told him dad with staying with him. We are starting to miss home. There is going to be a ton to catch up on. Our friend Chuck says the pets are great. Other than the cat dislikes him. She had growled at him. This does not surprise me as she is protective. Thanks for checking in, I will post a picture later.

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