Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Determination and strength!

Benjamin has made huge progress since his surgery last July. He has also grown a lot. We just ordered him new orthotics and are going to be ordering a new gait trainer. He is doing botox therapy at Mary Free Bed to help loosen him up and it seems to be helping. He loves to walk in his gait trainer and is really moving around. He has been going to the Ottawa Area Center for school and therapy, which he will continue in summer school. During the summer he will also be doing therapy at Mary Free Bed. Then in September he will be transitioning to Preschool at Coopersville Schools. His heart seems to be doing great. We were able to wean his medications and he will be being checked again by Dr Lacina in July. Things seem to be going good and keeping us busy.

Benjamin has also had a change because we have moved to a new house. We actually closed on our old house on May 30th. At first he kept asking to go home, but now he is really starting to like the place. It is better set up for his needs.

We also are planning a summer trip to Traverse City and are looking forward to some family time. We are also looking forward to Ben's 4th B-day. It is a distant memory what it was like four years ago. We are all thankful for that.

Allison is growing big and is sad Kindergarten is ending on Friday. Although she is excited to spend time with her Grandmas and to go to vacation bible school.

I hope to give you a update soon, but no new is good news. :) Thanks for checking in!