Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!
Benjamin is doing well. I have a few things to report. My cousin sent me her gait trainer her daughter cannot use anymore. (Thanks to my Uncle Tim) It is a walker to help children learn to walk. Benjamin did not like at first and we just put him in it for a little while each day. We have it in the basement because it is tiled down there and is easier to move for Ben. He took a few steps in it the other day. :) He is starting to like it.
His favorite word is Ah-Oh as he tosses food on the floor, much to my dismay. He is talking so much more right now and repeating adults. Sometimes you can really understand him and sometimes you don't. He has a cardiologist appointment on July 16th and hopefully things are going well. They seem to be anyways. He is still working on sitting. We are also working on his left leg and arm with the therapists and his caregivers. We are keeping in from the heat because he does not do well when it is really hot. He is a hot body to begin with, because he is not able to dissipate the heat like we do.

Allison is adored by Ben. He follows her everywhere. He can even say Ally. They are both looking forward to celebrating their birthdays. Allison's is July 3rd and Ben's is August 13th. It is amazing the Ben is already almost 2. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Interesting article about new surgeon! Although I still want Ben to go to Ann Arbor because they are one of the best.