Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Benjamin Daniel

Benjamin and Allison had their cardiologist apt on Monday. Ben is doing pretty well. We get to ween back his lasix to none in the next few weeks. He looks good and we are scheduling a sedated echo for October to give Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor doctors a close up look at his heart. Allison has still has a murmur they are going to keep an eye on. We had family photos last week which turned out beautiful. Here is just a few our photographer posted of the kids.


Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Benjamin is doing well. Although he is still having some unhappy moments due to constipation. We took him in Friday to see the pediatrician. We are trying prune juice now and if that does not work we are going to go to Miralax. Today he is meeting with Early On for therapy. I think he has improved physically, but he still has long way to go. He still cannot sit up on his own and his locomotion is limited. He rolls over and does tummy and uses he feet to try and move across the floor. His arms seem like they are not as strong as his legs. It seems like he has a little bit more time before he will be really crawling.

Ben is happy otherwise and is very talkative. He had some baby conversation with Myra over the weekend. He says Momma and Dadda perfect and calls us when he wants us. In a about a week and a half Ben goes to the cardiologist for testing. Allison is going too because they wanted to do a ekg on her as well since she had a heart murmur when she was 1.5. Which is probably nothing, but I think it is best to check it out and make sure she is fine.

We are looking forward to the weekend. I am hosting a shower for my nephew, Ryan, and his soon to be wife, Stef. They will be married in September and Ally will be the flower girl!

Have a good week!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Benjamin Daniel

Our little guy is hanging in there. He is happy and is enjoying life. We are planning to take him for a visit on the lake. He loves eating baby food and now has two bottom front teeth. The one is bigger than the other and looks kinda werid. lol Allison is going to be three Sunday. I cannot believe it. All the storms we are having is bringing back memories of her birth into the world.

Lindsay Baskets gave us a wonderful basket when we were in Ann Arbor to cheer us up, and it worked a little. At least it put a smile on my face while Ben was recovering from surgery. Lindsay had a heart problem like Ben and her mom gives these baskets to people like us. I just found out today that Lindsay passed away, so please keep her family in her prayers.

Enjoy your Fourth!