Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Progress

Hello! Benjamin is doing well. He just got off the high flow and is on the regular oxygen. Last night he had some vomiting and desats. He also vomited this morning. He really just need to poop and was better after he did. They adding prune juice to his diet to help with this. They pulled nj tube and put in ng tube. This goes to his stomach. He sat for 40 min in a chair. Physical therapy came and we worked with him on a floor mat. Occupational therapy came and made him left arm splint to wear at night to help with his hand. She will be back this afternoon to work on starting to eat by mouth. The plan is to get things back to normal. We may move to the floor today when there is room. There is a ton more things to do on the floor to keep the kids entertained. Thanks.

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