Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Effusion improvement

Today Ben's chest x-ray looks better today. The drugs seem to be working for Ben. We will need to continue to monitor this situation. If it stays on the right track we will be heading home on Friday or Saturday. We are completely off oxygen and just doing spot checks. He has lost the ng tube as well. He seems to do worse with it in than without it. Hopefully he will eat good again today so they don't us make us put it back in. 

There is 13 year old boy here with HLHS that is waiting for a new heart. His name is Devon and has been here since Dec when his heart started failing. He has befriended Ben and brought him a stuffed doggie. We have been visiting him. Ally made him some art for his room. He is such a strong and beautiful person. Please keep him in your prayers as well. Devon is from the Rockford area. Thanks and have a good day.

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