Monday, January 14, 2013

Cardio Update

On January 9th Ben had his cardiologist appointment. His oxygen was in 78% which is good for him. He is now a little over 25 lbs., and handled himself the best we ever had at his appointment. Although the ekg always makes him terribly upset. He tried to pull the cords off while he was crying. His lips turned quite blue. :( After that he calmed down and enjoyed the company of Dr Lacina. They played with some toys together. Everything is looking stable on Ben's end. The surgery is estimated to be between the age of 3-4 for Ben and we should come back in April/May to get checked again. Dr Lacina filled me in on the reasoning, and made me feel good that all my concerns were normal. Ben waved goodbye as we left and we are looking forward a few more months of working hard on his motor skills before he get the set back of a surgery. Please keep us in your prayers.

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