Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Holidays

 Hello All,
It has been way too long. Benjamin is doing good. He is now going to Mary Free Bed for additional therapy to the Early On therapy. We are seeing a real difference in the use of Ben's left arm and leg. We also had the pleasure of seeing Ben pull himself up next to the couch. He is a very determined and stubborn little guy. His daycare and I are discussing moving him up to the toddler room. He is already sleeping on a cot verses crib and it would help with his vocabulary. Plus it will be better for him to use the gait trainer in that room, since he will be using it at the center to move around on his own. We will be seeing the cardiologist in the beginning of Jan to get his heart checked again, and we are hoping things are doing well. It seems to be from our standpoint. Right now he has a ear infection, but is happy guy for the most part. Allison is also doing good. In November she decided to cut her own hair, but it is growing back slowly. She promises not to do it because she wants long hair again. She is looking forward to starting Kindergarden in September.  She keeps asking when she is going to Coopersville.
Here are few photos. Please enjoy and have a very Happy New Year.

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  1. Ben and Ally look great! It sounds like Ben is making some amazing progress. Keep up the good work!