Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Days

Hello everyone, I am sorry for the delinquent post. I have just been so busy. My cousin Katie passed away and we went to visit my niece Maria in Ann Arbor in the pass week. Work has been extremely busy as well. I also went to the Addy awards last Thursday night which was wonderful. I am getting my first pair of glasses as well. Dan is keeping busy with home improvement projects, work, and caring for our kids.

Benjamin is doing fantastic. He is seeing a physical and occupational therapist. We are seeing improvement with tummy time and with grasping. He is such a happy boy and we are starting to get braver about taking him out. He lights up when Dan or I walk into the room he is. He really enjoys his parents.

Allison is also doing wonderful. She is potty trained, except for naps and night time. I am thinking about taking her to a fun toddler disco party March 12.

I gotta run, but I plan on getting you some pictures soon. I have not downloaded them from my camera yet. Hopefully this weekend. Have a wonderful week.

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