Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Benjamin is hanging in there!

Sweet Ben had his last RSV shot for the year yesterday and he weighed 15lbs 10oz. I can't believe he is almost in size three diapers. On Sunday/Monday he had the stomach flu and I took him into the pediatrician. He is doing so much better now. This Friday he has a cardiologist apt. He is a very happy boy, and all he wanted when he was sick was to be held. He even cracked smiles when he was not feeling good. We are going to plan a baptism at our church in May for him, since he is doing so well. Also please pray for baby Aubrey's family. She is in heaven now, and had the same surgery as Ben at about the same time in Dec. She fought to the end, and was a sweetheart. Thanks for checking in.

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