Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Benjamin is still doing great. Although he had a fussy weekend, but he seems to be doing much better now. Yesterday he had his RSV shot and we met with a nurse from a program called Early On. They wanted to take a look at him because he seems to be behind in his physical development. They found that his motor skills and physical skills are quite behind due to all of is surgeries and recovery time. Although mentally he is right on the right path. They are going to have some physical and occupational therapists see Ben to help us and him with his development. It will be wonderful, and they come right to the our home.

Ben and Ally have been both doing great. Allison is basically potty trained. She rarely has accidents and it has only been a week. We are very proud of her. We think going to public places might be tricky, but we will take it as it comes. On 2/10/11 they got a cousin, Maria Josephine Tesmer. My sister finally had her little girl and she is just beautiful. We are going to visit her soon.

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