Sunday, December 29, 2013

No news is good news!

Happy holidays to everyone. Sorry we have not posted in a long time. Ben has been doing great! We had a cardiologist apt back in November. He was at 96% for oxygen which is wonderful. We have never seen it so high. We weaned him off Duiril and are planning to reduce his Furosemide in Jan. He will go back around March. It was his best cardiologist apt ever. He really loves Dr Lacina and is better behaved due to understanding everything much better. His heart seems to be in check and we couldn't be happier.

Christmas was great. We just stayed home and enjoyed the kids. Ben got a big Semi-truck that says McCarthy Racing on it. Allison got her Elsa Doll and horse stable. They were happy campers.

Ben's school is going great for him at the Ottawa Area Center. He loves it there and is benefiting from it. Although he is so smart he may be moving to Coopersville special education next fall if I can work out all the details.

On Dec 27th Ben went to the spasticity clinic for a evaluation. They discovered his left leg slightly shorter than his right. This may be making things harder for him so we plan to get a insert for him. We may be having Botox therapy to help him move better. Right now his hips look good, but they are concerned that they may come out of the socket if he does he get up on them correctly more. So we are keeping busy with his care.

I am working part-time and really am liking it. I can keep up on Ben's care better and can still get a creative outlet at work. Enjoy the New Year. I hope to be updating better in the future. 

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  1. Ben looks great. He looks so tall! I am glad things are going well. Hopefully, we will catch up with you guys soon.