Thursday, September 12, 2013

Long awaited update!

Benjamin is doing well. We have been busy bees at the McCarthy household. We got a new driveway and have been working on a tiling project. Ben has been very busy since we got home from surgery. He was going to Mary Free Bed for OT until he started at the Ottawa Area Center on Sept 5th. He seems to be enjoying going there, and it really seems like a wonderful place. We are working on getting a bus accessible stroller for him. We are also taking him to get AFO assessment for his feet on the 20th. We plan to go to the cardiologist in Nov. At his last visit he was 90 on the pulse ox and I hope he continues to do well. Allison has been enjoying kindergarten at Coopersville and is adjusting well. I have been working part-time so that I can manage Ben's care much better. I also feel more balanced between home, work, and doctor apts. Things are going great, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

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