Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good News!

Ben had his 15 months apt today with the pedatrician. Ben continues to improve slowly. Everyone is hopeful that he will adapt to his left side trouble. Ben was not happy to have shots, but his growth is good. He is 50% for length, 25% head, 3% weight. He has always stayed consistent. He is now 20lbs 2.5oz. Very good for BEN! The daycare Ben will be going to had a little boy, Matt, for 4 years that had heart surgery and brain damage. They did not know how bad the damage was just like Ben. Matt eventually sat, walked, and talked and looked like any other boy. This gives me hope. Ben just needs time to adapt. I think that this center will be a good place for him since his main teacher was Matt's as well. We are praying that it goes well next week.

(pics still to come-sorry)

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