Saturday, December 18, 2010

Benjamin is improving!

Things are looking good. Our little guy is doing very well. We are just working on the feeds and healing. Ben is sore and the feedings are getting better from the bottle. He still has the ng tube in, but I do not think he will have it many more days. Although he may have it home for a little while. They are talking like we may get to be home for Christmas. :) Maybe the beginning of the week. We need to be cautious for a few weeks because some of these kids get collapsed lungs due to the new pressures in them.  So far so good, he is strong and starting to be more smiley. We just don't want to push it. Going home is kinda scary at times, but we are looking forward to it. Allison is at Grandpa & Grandma's McCarthy, but she did not want to leave yesterday. We are looking foward to being under our roof again, and settling back in. There is always a ton to do when we get back. Plenty of appointments as well. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
The McCarthy's

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  1. Way to go Ben! Keep up the good work and get everyone home by Christmas!