Friday, May 26, 2017

Benjamin - Fast forward to 2017

Hello All,
I'm finally giving a update. It looks like the last three years I've been so busy I did not update this page. Last time I updated we just moved too our new home. Things really have been busy. Ben has been at Coopersville schools since Fall 2014. He is now planning on going to a combination of first grade and special education classes at Coopersville in the fall 2017. His health has been better this year. He has struggled with seizures, but the last year they have been fewer and he is starting to physically get back to where he was. He is starting to be able to use a k-walker again verses his pacer with help of course. His speech has improved and he says some very comical things at times. He is hopefully going to receive a motorized wheelchair that he can drive himself around. He is excited to drive himself and get that independence. He wanted to take the one we tried home that day. Ben's heart is stable and Dr Lacina plans to see him again in the beginning of 2018.

Dan and I are extremely busy. At times are heads are spinning and we feel like we are not keeping up with everything. Allison and Ben are both doing so well, so I guess we must be doing something right.  With Benjamin getting the motorized wheelchair we are starting the process to getting of wheelchair accessible van. We are applying for grants and researching what will be best for us. We have started a Wheels for Ben group on Facebook that we are going to make live soon for people to see our progress and donate too if they feel they want to help.

I could write for pages on this sweet little boy, but for now I have to run. Have a great day!

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