Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strength in Benjamin!

Benjamin is so strong! He makes more stronger every day that passes. He is doing pretty good and is very happy boy and knows what he wants. On October 1st we are going to have his sedated Eco to see how his heart is doing. It always makes me nervous to have these tests, because I just want to have good results. He continues to do therapy two days a week. His cerebral palsy is frustrating to him at times, and boy does he have a tempter. He is starting to sit for periods with no support and is getting better fine motor skills. His left hand/arm is his weakest point and we work on it daily. The therapist's want us to talk with the neurologist on Nov 5th about the possibility of a wheel chair or device to help Ben. Something that is bus accessible. He will be going to therapy outside the home when he is about 3, and this will be helpful to him. I plan to write more after I know the results of the Eco, so please stay tuned. Thanks for all your support!

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