Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strong Boy

Benjamin is doing wonderful. He seems happier than he ever has been. He coos and laughs. He is also very very ticklish. He really makes us laugh. He got his RSV shot yesterday and was not very pleased. I am sure by spring we will be more mobile with our whole family especially when the cold and flu risk goes down. We are starting to have more healthy visitors. Work is going great for Dan and I and we even started back up on a home project. We have a bedroom in the basement that is needing to be finished. We finished the drywall, painting, and the ceiling. Now we are working on tiling. It will be nice to have some extra room! We are also looking forward to Ben and Allison's cousin to be here soon. My sister, Diana, is due Feb 2nd with a daughter. We could see the little one at anytime. We plan to visit them in Ann Arbor.

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