Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hello Friends & Family,
I thought I would start a blog on Benjamin. My friend Jen has been doing it and I think it will be easier to share updates on this site. Benjamin is doing very well after having to go to Ann Arbor Oct 8th. They were planning on the next surgery to be on Nov 5th. Although the cardiologist said that may change since he seems to be doing well. They like to do the Hemi-Fontan surgery around 4-6 months because the lung development is better for surgery outcomes. But if they need to do it sooner they will. He is on oxygen as he needs it and we have pulse ox monitor to tell us if they are too low. Getting back to work has been hard. But the Grandmas are doing good.

Last Thursday we went to the emergency room again, but giving Ben a little more lasix did the trick and Ben was home is a matter of a few hours. Keep checking the blog for updates and photos as I am not going to send emails anymore.


  1. Good morning McCarthy family, our niece Mandy VanHaitsma posted about your son's hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We wanted to let you know we are praying for your family and will be following your blog.
    Steve and Brenda McAfee

  2. Liz & Dan,
    We are keeping you all in our prayers for Ben
    and his upcoming surgery. This blog is wonderful keeping everyone updated. Thank you.
    He is as adorable as his sister.....

    Love & prayers,
    Mary & Dick Versluis